Birchbox No. 4: Beauty Protector, Dr. Lipp, twistband, Dr. Jart+ & Ghirardelli

My February Birchbox review is obviously super late, but it is a testament to Birchbox’s customer service. My box came short a product and, after looking through my order history, I realized I’d been sent an incorrect product the month prior. Not only did Birchbox send me my missing item, they gave me $10 to spend on their website as an apology. Pretty nice, huh?

And remember, if you’re interested in trying Birchbox, sign up here! It’s a monthly surprise that I can honestly say features great customer service and a wonderful points program. If you have $10/month to spare and you haven’t signed up, you’re missing out.


Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle This potent little beauty will leave your tresses tangle-free and smelling lovely. It has all the main benefits of a leave-in conditioner without making your hair feel greasy or dirty.

I prefer the scent to that of the It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In Product (which I’ve reviewed here, and I love, scent included) but it is more expensive with fewer benefits than the product I currently use. I can’t see myself switching anytime soon, but I’ve loved using this Beauty Protector. Who knows, I might really miss it when I’m out…

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips Let me start by saying I laughed like an idiot when I saw this in the box. I will not buy this product because I am too immature to tell someone what product I’m using if someone asks.

Have you ever used a long-lasting lipwear with the included clear gloss that makes the stuff stay on while your lips feel a little.. fake? It felt a little funny but it made my lips look plump, shiny, and almost Barbie-like. I really liked how it looked, but it isn’t for everyday.

Also I still can’t handle the name. I don’t care how immature I am.

twistband Headband I’ve seen this style of headband/hair tie all over the internet and inside of magazines. The concept of a piece of elastic, cut and tied in a knot selling for roughly $4 a pop (when in a multipack!) sort of destroys my sense of value. It’s insane. What further drives me insane are the DIY tutorials I’ve seen on Pinterest for them, as if someone couldn’t tell how the knot was tied. Jesus H., it’s just too much.

But in all reality, I do like this headband a lot. It really doesn’t dent your hair (much). It rarely gives me a headache. It’s great– just so overpriced it’s comical.

Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm My opinion on this is tainted because I just bought a foundation I love, but I have to say this is a great product. It’s so great I can’t think of anything to say about it because it just looked like my skin, only better. If you’re looking for a non-greasy BB cream, this is it.

And, unpictured, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate & Caramel Square


This item is not in the picture because I couldn’t not eat it. Is that enough of a review? They’re scrumptious, and by far the best of the Ghirardelli squares, the end.


  1. Must Have Boxes
    March 18, 2013 / 4:47 pm

    Your February Birchbox is a good (even though it’s super late!). The twist headband is cute and the Beauty Protector leave-in spray works wonders. I’ve been using it daily. I just posted the review of my March Birchbox on my blog. It’s the best Birchbox I’ve ever received!

    – KW

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