Nobody likes you when you’re 23.

Happy birthday to me / Friday I turned 23 / I wore a silly outfit / You can scroll down to see. (And maaany moooorree!)

That’s right, it’s a birthday round-up. Maybe I’m feeling old and nostalgic (kidding) or maybe, as I threw together my perfect birthday outfit this weekend, I realized it’s always a little silly each year… And I think that’s fitting.

It’s my birthday and I’ll wear whatever I want to / whatever I want to / whatever I want to / You should do it, too, because fuck everyone else’s opinions on your birthdaaaay. 

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I am just as self-indulgent and childish with holidays and birthdays as ever before, despite now having a career and all that other adult stuff.

Speaking of that career, the ladies at work brought me the glasses and balloon, as well as a terribly-exciting gift certificate to a spa that I have yet to decide how to use (hair cut, clearing facial, mani/pedi… decisions, decisions!) My mother even sent me flowers! It was truly a delightful day in the office.

The time outside of the office was my favorite, though, as Lance picked me up with my favorite Panera Bread lunch items and picnic blanket in hand and took me down to a nearby park. It was 70-ish degrees– a birthday gift from the cosmos?– and perfect outside. We had such romantic fun eating sandwiches, laying together and watching the city go by. Le sigh.

After work we went to Stadium for dinner and drinks and the Lumiere for some blackjack and quarter slots. My obvious outfit? A gold skirt, a comfortable moto jacket, heeled boots, pink rhinestone jewelry and birthday accessories. I told you I’m self indulgent. My steak cut open like butter and the slots seemed to be in my favor a few times. It was a great way to spend an evening with friends celebrating, but it was also a wonderful time to spend with Lance; the casino was packed, so he graciously moved us through the crowd, as he always done, when I was feeling overwhelmed.



For my 22nd birthday, Lance brought me to the Saint Louis Zoo, then out for silly ceramics painting and dinner. The above photo shows out pre-firing (meaning they’re way more colorful now) gnome and cheeseburger bank, both of which are on display in our home. I wore my favorite outfit at the time: a red pencil skirt with a loose striped tee and boots, + birthday accessories.

We had the most fun, and Lance was such a good sport about my ridiculous request to paint pottery for my birthday (despite his ridiculous picture taking face, he really did enjoy his cheeseburger bank, I think… ha!) We had a blast, like we always do.


When I turned 21, Lance was still in the Marine Corps. As a surprise birthday gift, he took leave, bought me a plane ticket and booked us a hotel room for a week in this adorable town called Wilmington, North Carolina– right outside his base.

To celebrate the midnight moment, we played a few games of pool at a punkrock venue/laundromat called The Soapbox, where I then picked the $1.50 PBR in a plastic cup as my 12:01 beverage. It sounds silly, but it was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted. And it was a Monday, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

We spent my actual birthday wandering the streets of Wilmington looking in various cafes and shops and galleries and admiring the beach views; I finally found the building used in the film Empire Records. As the night drew to a close, we wandered to TGI Friday’s (my pick, as 75% of all birthdays since childhood have been spent there, and I still love it) for dinner. I wore my favorite outfit of the time: my leopard dress, tights, thigh-high socks, boots, and a few layered jackets. And don’t forget my makeshift pompadour!



20 was my first birthday in North Carolina with Lance. Since it always fell over my spring break it was a logical time to plan a visit– and in 2010, the weather in N.C. was delightful!

I have no idea anymore if this image was taken on my birthday, but since I didn’t want to pay the $50 to check a bag I never had many outfits and probably wore this or something like this almost the entire time. The miniskirt,  Chucks and long tank look were one of my 2009-2010 warm weather favorites, which made them perfect for a spring visit to Lance. We visited beaches and a gigantic aquarium and went to an arcade (where I won an un-pictured tiara I undoubtedly wore out). We tried to fly kites and went out to eat. We wandered Wilmington and went to the movies and enjoyed the great company of one another.

My outfits and activities might be birthday-self-indulgence, but this post that was made to discuss silliness and odd style has turned into a list of why my boyfriend is a selfless, loving man who treats me spectacularly. I hate to let things get all gooey-lovey, but after seeing it all compiled into a list I don’t even know how to thank him properly. For his first birthday of his dating I made homemade cupcakes for the first time and brought it to him when he picked me up to go meet some friends. It was lumpy, and it tasted like cornbread, but he grinned ear-to-ear because of that misshapen cake. And that’s how we’ve spent every holiday and celebration since: smiling like idiots, eating something, holding hands.

What in the world is there left to birthday-wish for? I’m a lucky gal. Maybe 23 won’t be so bad.

PS: Thanks for the post title and delightful sentiment, Blink-182. 

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