I’m no makeup artist, but damn it, I’ll try. Red lipstick forever!

The Easiest Up-Do: The 3-Minute Vintage Roll

By now we’re all familiar with the headband roll hairdo. I refuse to believe you don’t know what I’m talking about if you have ever been on Pinterest, but just in case, it’s a snazzy way to dress up day-old hair and keep it off your face. I’ve never been a huge fan because the top of the headband shows — it’s cute … Keep reading…

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Wedding Wednesday | Pay your hands some attention!

News flash: As a female, saying you’re engaged is an open invitation for people to look at and/or touch your hands. Flu season be damned, people go bananas over a new engagement ring, myself included. The attention is greatly appreciated and always comes from such a sweet place — but on more than one heartwarming occasion, I have become painfully aware of … Keep reading…

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Screw You, Acne! | The Best Face Masks for Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is like the person you see at parties who always thinks you’re best friends. We met in middle school, but I managed to avoid her for the most part. She tried to come say hello here and there in high school, but I told her I was busy with my after-school job and couldn’t hang. Then, at some point early in college, … Keep reading…

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You Don’t Know Jack (Khoudian… But You Should.)

Meet the man who tamed the mane! Stylist Jack Khoudian is new to St. Louis. This California-transplant recently asked if I’d like to stop by Mitch STL, located in a converted home in The Grove, for a complimentary cut-and-style. Spoiler alert: It was a great decision.  Upon arrival, Jack gave us a quick tour, highlighting the comfortable lounge and offering us a glass of wine. We talked … Keep reading…

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