DIY Felt Pom Purse Charm

The primary school art teacher is the most under-sung fashion hero of all. Oversized prints, colorful glasses, excessive jewelry… Many of the greatest outfits I saw with my naive, OshKosh B’gosh-adoring eyes were worn by the same woman who handed me another cup of tempera paint.

Maybe they’re colorful because they are fearless. Maybe they’re colorful because they spend all day prying pastels out of children’s sticky jam hands. Whatever the reason, these craft-fair-shopping one-of-a-kind wearing, wild-haired goddesses should be viewed as the style icons I know them to be. In an ode to their spirited looks and perpetual use of homemade-looking fabrics, I decided to brighten up my bag with a DIY felt pom purse charm for spring.

The pom pom trend was big this time last year, but with boho vibes and bold colors still a staple for spring I think this easy craft will be in style and on-trend all year. Also it probably means I can score a discount at Dick Blick. Add some glitter under my nails and one loose strand of yarn sticking out of my messy bun and I’m a dead ringer for your favorite teacher in the second grade.

Oh Julia Ann - DIY  Felt Pom Purse Charm Craft (1)

By the way, this project takes about 15 minutes and costs less than $10. So that’s awesome.

Oh Julia Ann - DIY  Felt Pom Purse Charm Craft (2)

Here’s what you’ll need: felt poms, embroidery floss, an embroidery needle, scissors, and a medium to large lobster clasp. I found these poms for less than $5 at Papersource and had all other supplies at home already.

Oh Julia Ann - DIY  Felt Pom Purse Charm Craft (4)

Cut off about a foot of embroidery floss and tie it onto the lobster clasp leaving two equal-sized tails. Put both ends through the needle’s eye and thread that through the middle of the pom. Repeat as many times as you’d like.

Oh Julia Ann - DIY  Felt Pom Purse Charm Craft (5)

Tie off the ends and trim any excess thread. Make your other pom strands following the same way.

Oh Julia Ann - DIY  Felt Pom Purse Charm Craft (6)

Anyone else feeling suddenly inspired to color? I need the 64 Crayola pack, stat.

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