A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS: Rohto Cooling Eye Drops

DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored fully by Rohto Cooling Eye Drops.

Springtime in St. Louis means flowers, grass, trees, greenery… you know, all the pretty things that set off your allergies! We’ve been trying to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible, but both Lance and I are slowly finding out that the annoyance of allergies sometimes outweighs the joys of spring.

Today’s sponsor is here to introduce a product that can help with one of the most unpleasant aspects of springtime allergies: uncomfortable, itchy, red or dry eyes. Plus, the brand’s latest commercial features a zombie, which obviously makes the brand at least 50 percent rad-er.

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops are available in several formulas designed to help with Redness Relief, Multi-Symptom Relief, Dry Eye Relief, Itch Relief, and Maximum Redness Relief. Each type of eye drop features the brand’s signature Freshkick technology and works for eight hours. The Freshkick feature is designed to offer extended comfort, eye cooling, and an all-around fresh feeling. As an added perk, the company even packages the product in a clear dispenser making it easy to avoid running out and to verify that the product has not become cloudy and needs to be replaced (something that always freaked me out about some other brands of eye drops…. You don’t want to put something in your peepers that should already be in the trash!) Sounds like the perfect fix for this pollen haze, hmm?

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops can be purchased at drug stores, grocery stores, and major online retailers.

DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored fully by Rohto Cooling Eye Drops.

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