Wedding Wednesday: Flipbooks with 2 Chics & a Photobooth

With all the recent buzz around my now-viral wedding dress (still a little in shock over that… ha!) Lance and I have been daydreaming about our perfect wedding for weeks. We wouldn’t change a thing about our big day, and that includes our list of impeccable vendors.

At our wedding reception, guests had the option to check out the unlimited photo booth with fun props. Not only did we leave our event with a photo strip guest book and access to digital copies of all event images, but our amazing vendor 2 Chics & a Photobooth even created this fun compilation video from the event.

I had known I wanted a photo booth longer than I’d known who I wanted to marry. I was obsessed with mall photo booths as a teen and always found them so charming and romantic. Luckily for me, these fun and functional machines are now wedding mainstays, which meant I was able to work with a great company that took great photos at a great cost.

…But, if flipbooks were available when I had gotten engaged, there’s a 50/50 chance we would have booked that.

Julia: What are wedding flipbooks?

2 Chics & a Photobooth: We don’t think the classic photo booth will ever go out of style, but flipbooks are a new and different twist on wedding entertainment for couples who may want something completely new and different. Instead of photostrips to take home as a wedding favor, guests take a motion flipbook. It’s kind of like the old cartoons you would draw, and then flip through them quickly to make the characters move — except now it’s a modern, digital twist!


Julia: How does the flip book booth process work?

2 Chics & a Photobooth: Unlike the photo booth, guest get in our open-air Flipbook Studio and record a six second video. We encourage our guests to dance, move around, and use our fun props and signs. Then that video is instantly turned into 60 mini photos. We put that together and even put a custom flipbook cover, usually with the couple’s names and wedding date. When you flip through the book, whatever you did in the video comes to life in a motion flipbook all within a couple of minutes from start to finish.


Julia: What kind of reaction do you normally see from guests about flipbooks?

2 Chics & a Photobooth: It never gets old! As soon as we hand them their book (within a couple of minutes of recording) and they flip through, we usually see wide eyes, big smiles, and almost a disbelief that we can create this amazing thing within a few minutes. Because it is an open air studio, guests are able to watch the entire process from start to finish — from video recording to printing to running it through our magic flipbook cutter. It’s not just making a flipbook; it’s the whole experience that people love to watch!


Julia: What should a couple look for to make sure they book a good flipbook company?

2 Chics & a Photobooth: As with any company you are considering having at your wedding, we highly recommend using a company that is established — they didn’t just open yesterday — so that you have an experienced staff, product, and company at your wedding. Check out reviews (either through,, or to see how other couples’ experiences were with that company. You’ve worked hard to plan the perfect day, so do your homework. Check with vendors you trust and have already booked; these referrals can be invaluable! Be sure to check what comes with the package and compare packages with other companies.


Can I just have a flipbook booth for my next dinner party? Maybe just some average Tuesday? I have a lot of 6-second dances I could try out.

I’ve been to one event with a flipbook booth, and I have to admit it was the highlight of the party for all guests. You have found a real winner when something is more popular than an open bar!

Off to watch my wedding photobooth video again, byeeee.

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