DIY Rhinestone Chambray Shirt

You’re a gal on the go. You don’t have time to bake from scratch or clean your apartment (just me?), let alone read a super-long blog post. For those of you in a hurry, I have a quick post and project: the DIY rhinestone chambray shirt. Looking for a craft you can complete, start to finish, in less time than it takes to watch a movie? Scroll down a bit and get to work.


This affordable, and incredibly easy, project helps bump up the dazzle of your basic chambray button-down. Extra perk: It only took about an hour, and I’m a slow sewer who is easily distracted and was also watching television. It might only take you 15 minutes.

DIY Rhinestone Chambray Shirt (2)

You’ll Need…

DIY Rhinestone Chambray Shirt (1)


You’re smart; you probably don’t need directions for this at all. But, in case you’re like me and it takes FOREVER to decide on stone placement, here’s what I did: Place the stones in small clusters near the shoulders and sew in place. Be sure to double-knot everything. If you have a few left over, pop off the pocket buttons and replace them with stones. Ta-da!

DIY Rhinestone Chambray Shirt (3)

DIY Rhinestone Chambray Shirt (4)

Need another craft? Snag the tutorial for the pictured necklace here.

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