Double-Discounted Anthro Favs

“Sale clothing at Anthro is 25% off.”
“Damn it.”

That’s a real lunchtime convo one of my coworkers and I have every few weeks. Someone gets an email and then we both are tempted to stop by… and the fact that the mall is right between the office and my house makes it a little harder to resist.

“But I don’t need anything right now.”
“I should be good and save.”
“But my closet is actually too full of quirky treasures to buy even one more.”

Your excuses are useless. You know you want to go.

This time I couldn’t help but stop by the sale. Stress shopping is a real solution, right? Right.

Of the double-discounted Anthropologie attire, here are my favorites.


Shawled Vivie Cardigan


Enid Swing Dress


One-Shoulder Peplum Top


Endora Swing Dress


Skewed Jacquard Skirt

See you at the sale.


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