Fringe (Earring) Benefits | DIY Tassel Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are everywhere right now – but I’m still not sure they’re for me. One version I’ve been loving is the fringe or tassel style. Hoops of this style are more statement earring than simple circles, and after seeing them on some of my favorite bloggers I decided to seek out my own.

And like with so many other products, when I found a pair I was appalled by the price.

There are plenty of cute and affordable fringe hoops out there, but there’s also a pair for $138 at Anthropologie that seems to be made of scrap fabric and that is bananas. I obviously decided to make my own.

These statement earrings are super simple to make. To get started, grab some hoop earrings, an old t-shirt and a needle and thread. Mine are made from one of my husband’s old Metallica tees. Ha!

Cut some tiny strips of fabric from the shirt and stretch the ends so the fabric rolls a bit.  Loop the fabric around the hoops and stitch them into place. Boom. Done.

See how these new hoops look styled in an outfit here!

What have you been making lately?

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