Bralettes and Boob Breezes

I spent the better part of my preteens desperately wishing for tits. I’d been to a Hooter’s as a kid and decided then and there that big ole’ knockers needed to be in my future. If I’d had a magic genie in 2003, a sweet set of sweater puppies would have been requested. I had boobs on the mind all the time – and lucky for me, like a package you thought was surely lost in the mail, I woke up one morning and SURPRISE! They were there.

Welcome to the party, girls.

Let’s fast forward about 15 years. They’re here and they’re hot. No, not that hot. (Well yeah, that hot too, #sorrynotsorry.) They’re hot like overheating. It’s a billion degrees outside, underwire bras don’t breathe worth a shit, and these jumbo fat balloons are… uh… clammy. I clearly didn’t think this wish through.

To survive the summer heat, I’m going for the ultimate in chesticle airflow. (No, not peplum, but I do stand by that allowing a nice breast breeze.) My latest combo: oversized arm holes and a cute bralette. Switch out the support and perkiness of a sturdy bra for, as my husband words it, “soft 1970s boobies.” Sure. Let’s try it.

Currently wearing… Tank c/o Dimvaloo [SEEN HERE] | Paige denim shorts, Marshalls [SEEN HERE] | Booties c/o Diba True [SEEN HERE] | Grey cuff, Kendra Scott | Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Crossbody c/o St. Louis Premium Outlets [SEEN HERE] | Earrings, DIY [tutorial coming soon!]

Also nine times out of ten, I despise these super giant arm hole tank tops but I don’t hate it here. Can’t pinpoint why. Maybe it’s because I get a steady stream of cool air on my ta-tas as I walk around? Who knows. I’ll take my title of tank top fashion hypocrite and enjoy my refreshed squishy bits, thanks.

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