Fringe Feelings

Three drinks into girl’s night and I was addicted to bold leather fringe.

I spent Saturday night on the Loop with three total babes, one of which was wearing a fringe masterpiece: a fringe-y leather jacket with an equally dramatic fringe skirt. Needless to say, my denim-on-denim was feeling rather…dull. During drink one, I admired the fringe look. By the middle of drink two, I thought I should try a little fringe in my wardrobe if I found some on sale. And by my third vanilla vodka and diet, I knew I absolutely had to buy something smothered in fringe, as soon as humanly possible.

I have spent Sunday at home in PJs shopping online and planning my warm-weather wardrobe. The first piece I need? A fringe bag. Thanks for the inspiration/addiction, Brittany.

Fringe Bags

Need one? Find them here… Lilac | Yellow | Red | Black | Rose

Apparently I’ve having a very ’70s moment, as the other items on my dream shopping list are these Michael Kors platform clogs and Madewell flared jeans. Let me switch back to a middle-part hair-do and I’ll be good to go.

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