Get It Together: Warm Weather Workwear

Right now, I’m at something like a 75% level of having my shit together. While that isn’t bad, it sure isn’t relaxing. I am exhausted. I am procrastinating about everything. My apartment is a mess. I never cook anymore. Setting a budget gives me the heebie-jeebies. Work is crazy. I am running on coffee.

And to top it all off, it’s super hot here– specifically, in my office.

There is air conditioning in the back segment of my office, and it is apparently supposed to circulate to the front, which it does not. Obviously. I’d really love to talk to whoever once thought it would. Choice words would be used, along with a demand for a Starbucks gift card to deal with this new iced latte problem my overheated workspace has created.

My issues is that being hot makes me sleepy, and being sleepy makes it hard to focus. I work in a world where a mistype can make a major difference– submitting cat when I meant can’t to my editor is sincerely humiliating– which makes focusing a key element. And sitting in a legitimate suit in uncomfortable heat is the worst. Have you noticed most work attire is thick and structured? If those fabrics are uncomfortable in June, what is August going to be like? In response to the warmer-than-not office conditions, I’ve found a few affordable workwear wardrobe and lifestyle additions to make the day a little better, and cooler.

Office Summer
Work Summer
Cool Down
And yes, the Cool Touch tissues are for blotting your overheated face. It’s is delightful.

The linen blazer has made a huge difference, and has even turned some summer dresses into work frocks. Before you order online, check your local Target– they were $10+change at our store. If you’re willing to dig, the deals are there.

Like an item? Click the Polyvore images for item information. How are you staying cool at work? 

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