4 Easy Cartoon Couples Halloween Costumes

I am in full-on Halloween mode. Our house is decorated. I’m getting my daily dose of pumpkin spice. And I’m in the middle of sewing our bound-to-be-awesome costumes. Since I can’t share what we’ll wear yet, I thought it would be fun to showcase our costumes from earlier Halloweens!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

This was so fun to wear, and it largely required buying clothing instead of sewing items. And I still wear this skirt all the time!

You need… Yellow tops, red bottoms, red hats, yellow felt, blue felt, white felt, white pipe cleaners (to hold up the hat flag)

Ariel and Prince Eric

This costume was started because my mom spotted this amazing homemade tail at a garage sale. If you don’t have one at home, you can easily sew one by tracing a skirt for a basic template.

You need… white shirt, jeans, red fabric, purple felt, mermaid tail or green fabric, nude bodysuit (optional)

Fred and Wilma Flintstone

If you like to sew, this is your costume! Instead of making patterns, I draped fabric around us and trimmed accordingly. Fred’s outfit should be loose which is easier to make, and Wilma’s is belted so you can make it quite large and easily tighten it.

You need… White felt, orange felt, blue felt, black felt, ping pong balls, white paper tape (to add texture to necklace)

Jessica Rabbit and Eddie Valient

Oh, my favorite! This costume was fun to make and wear. Every year this is the costume we’re trying to beat.

You need… Oversized suit, handcuffs, stuffed rabbit, red dress, purple gloves, ample sass


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