As Much Suede As Possible | Wearing All The Suede for Fall

Running a fashion blog means actively thinking of new outfits all the time. Whether it’s for a shoot, a party, or just an afternoon out that might include excessive Instagram-ing, there’s a frankly insane amount of trying new combinations. And I like that! It would be weird if I decided to document my outfits online—for literally years and years—and didn’t enjoy the hunt.

But sometimes I run out of ideas. Today was one of those days. Everything currently clean that currently fits and is currently in season had been styled as many ways as humanly possible. What ever is a poor blogger to do?

Get weird, I guess.

Today I asked myself a dumb question and I documented the answer for you via outfit photos. How much suede can you wear in one outfit before shit gets weird?

If I owned a colorful suede moto jacket, I could have added a fifth suede piece and the look would have still worked. (Or so I think, perhaps you think this suede purse-boot-bag-bracelet combo is crazy as is.)

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Should I see how much denim I can wear at once next?

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