Birdcage into DIY Halloween Centerpiece

This week is proving to be pretty stressful, and in times of panic I turn to pointless DIYs and holiday themes. (Or cocktails or cakes, but often crafts.) It’s how I got my first few Halloween decorations, actually; I was painfully stressed about my first college midterms so I used all my spending money on spooky decorations and pumpkin cookies. Logic.

To alleviate this week’s major case of the blahs, I combined my two major stress relievers into one festive DIY, all without having to put on a bra and head to the supply store. Here’s what I started with…

Pretty normal, right? I found it on super sale at Michael’s before our wedding and listed it on a wedding resale site after but never found a buyer. It has been sitting in our basement since.

Lance spotted it down there when he grabbed my boxes of Halloween decorations for me. I told him to leave it since it was technically a wedding item and made a joke about how they must not be the trendy card holder anymore. “Why don’t you just make it into Halloween decor then?” he asked. Brilliant!

I wasn’t in the mood to leave the house today, so I decided I’d add that spooky element with whatever supplies I had on hand. Thankfully I have a hard time getting rid of things so that turned out to be plenty.


  • Decorative birdcage
  • Black spray paint
  • Gold glitter spray paint
  • Plastic bat
  • Bead
  • Hot glue gun


  • Unscrew the finial from the top of your birdcage.
  • Spray paint the birdcage black and let dry.
  • Lightly spray paint the birdcage with gold glitter and let dry.
  • Hot glue your bat onto a bead and place over finial screw.
  • Fill with spooky Halloween decor.

Anyone else way too excited for Halloween?

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