Lovey-Dovey DIY Valentine Tree

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My heart-shaped sunglasses and I are pumped, because it is almost Valentine’s Day! Now before you go on some Valentine’s Day is total crap made by card companies/candy companies/”the man” rant—or before you expect one from me, because I am cynical about a lot of things—let me state clearly that I LOVE any holiday focused on having fun with your must-have-man or lady-lover. And so, because of that—and the fact that I love cute things and decorating—I decided to up the V-Day ante, decoratively speaking, with my new super easy, super cheap DIY Valentine Tree.

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Here’s What You’ll Need…

  • 1 artificial, bendable flowering branch
  • 1 tall vase or vessel
  • Vase filler
  • Valentine’ s Day ornaments (homemade or packaged)
  • Extra weight for vessel, if needed

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Now, before you go buy any of those items, remember to head over to your craft store’s website and snag a coupon. This week, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann Fabric both have 40% Off Any One Item coupons available online. Better yet, Michael’s has a rare 50% Off Any One Item available now, which means this inexpensive project could end up being down-right cheap (in the grand scheme of holiday decor.)

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Here’s What You’ll Do…

  • Hold the branch up to your vessel and decide on a height. Fold or trim the bottom of the branch so it is the desired height.
  • Put the branch inside of the vessel and fill with decorative filler. If you don’t have enough filler, wrap the bottom of the branch tightly in towels or rags and stuff the vessel full of that. Then, top off the vessel with filler to cover the fabric.
  • Try pushing and tipping your vessel. Does it need more weight? Take out the branch and filler, then put something heavy (there is a small, wrought iron lantern in mine) in the bottom and repeat the second step above it.
  • Decorate with ornaments.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your new awesome tree!

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My finished DIY Valentine Tree mixed in perfectly with my other festive decor. Retro valentines, themed rubber ducks, cupcakes galore… It’s twenty types of lovey-dovey in our apartment. Most of these cupcakes were year-round decor when I lived alone. To avoid scaring away Lance, I tried to tone things down (just a teeny, teeny bit…) when he moved in. But they live on, packed away for festivities like this. It’s almost too adorable to handle.

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What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day?

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