Made in the Shade | Sunglasses Under $25

We’re already at that point of summer heat where I require a nap just after wandering outside. (The fact that the AC in my car is crapping out doesn’t help this particular issue.) Case in point: I was out for about 3 hours today and heavily contemplated taking off my jeans at a stoplight. Upon my arrival home, I immediately stripped in my living room and crashed on the floor under the ceiling fan while wailing to my husband, “THIS IS HOW I DIE.”

When there’s this much sun, you need auto AC. That isn’t totally in the cards right now, so instead I’ll settle for the other summer essential: cheap, rad sunglasses.

Photo by Mattea LinAe

I found my current favorite pair at Francesca’s on a 2/$20 rack. Check out more summer-ready shades for less than $25 below.

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