On My Mind: Wearable Tech, Jack Skellington, Emoji Overload + Site Updates

You already know I’m twenty types of stoked about autumn and I’m really pumped for this month’s giveaway. Here’s what else is happening right now.

Wondering about that photo? It’s from my Instagram, and you can find the bracelet tutorial here.

WEARABLE TECH | Have you tried wearable tech? I was just introduced to a new brand of fashion-focused technology: BLINQ Smart Jewelry. This soon-to-launch ring connects with apps on your phone to show you notifications and has some really unique personal safety features. The brand is sending me a review model in a few weeks to try out, so you can expect a full post detailing it later. BLINQ recently reached its Kickstarter goal and the public seems to love the idea.

I’m excited to try it out!

JACK SKELLINGTON | Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (!!!) is returning to select theaters for Halloween. Insert a collective scream of excitement. I can’t ever decide if I want to watch this movie for Halloween or Christmas, so instead of picking I just play it year-round. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favorite films, and I’m thrilled to know it’s back on the big screen at more than 300 Regal cinemas nationwide October 27–31.

Get your tickets here.

EMOJI OVERLOAD | Confession time: I love addictive, mindless phone games. They are one of my favorite easy ways to unwind. From Angry Birds to Candy Crush, I’ve been hooked at one time or another on nearly all the big games. My latest vice? Disney Emoji Blitz. It follows the common matching theme but has 60-second rounds instead of a certain number of allocated moves. This is great for me, as it limits how much time I can waste before getting back to whatever productive activity I’m avoiding.

Oh, and it gets bonus points because I obviously love the characters.

SITE UPDATES | I’m bored with the blog’s overall design theme and am working on some layout changes. Stay tuned for a (somewhat minor) redesign coming soon! And more DIYs!

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