Downtown St. Louis + Surprise Art

During a recent trip to downtown St. Louis, Lance and I started driving around looking for a new place to take outfit photos. We were in the area to check out a piece of vintage furniture he spotted for me online and we decided to make a date out of it—a cute outfit, a fun walk, dinner, and dessert—and I wanted to document the look for a future post.

I wasn’t sure what kind of background I wanted, and we were a little early for dinner, so we just started driving. There were busy city streetscapes and charming storefronts, but taking photos around crowds can be tricky. We spotted historic brickwork and lush landscaping, but I can find versions of that in South City where we live. I asked Lance to pull off the main road to turn around when the perfect backdrop popped into view: a massive, abandoned riverfront building that had been lovingly turned into a beautiful mural.

This is one of the many reasons I love St. Louis.

St. Louis is speckled with surprise artwork and special details, from its buildings to its electrical boxes to its parks. You’ll be on the search for a place to park or a dumpster to throw something out, and bam! There’s another artistic addition added to brighten up the Gateway City.

Downtown is especially filled with creative touches. Interested in seeing unique artwork? There’s City Museum, a one-of-a-kind experience and arguably the world’s most beautiful example of upcycling. If traditional is your style, you can head to the Central Library to spend hours starring at its intricate ceiling. Or, you can wander to the river to admire the murals on the riverfront. I can’t pick a favorite, but I’m glad they’re all there.

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