Peachy Keen

Things have been peachy as of late. Not so much in the figurative sense ⁠— no, no thanks to our current infertility situation things aren’t perfect ⁠— but the literal. We went a little peach crazy at Eckert’s during a recent pick-your-own visit and bought enough for a family of eight. I was eating peaches for breakfast. Peaches for dessert. I was singing “Peaches” on the regular.

And now I’m entirely burnt out. Like I do with so many treats, I went to hard too fast. I need a quick break from peaches ⁠— but their perfect summer-to-fall color can stay.

Photos by Josh Miller

I don’t know why I never pictured peach as an autumn color before, but I think it might be the most ideal transitional shade. It teeters between pink and burnt orange. It pairs wonderfully with summer brights or autumn neutrals. Add it to yellow and sky blue or olive green and eggplant. I’m wearing it now with my fall favorites while I try to rush the season, but even if you’re one of those summer-loving people this hue is for you. You’re wrong about good weather, sure, but right about flattering colors.

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