Pins & Needles // 4 Questions with Any Old Iron


The Pins & Needles Emerging Designer Fashion Show is this Thursday, and if you’re in St. Louis it will be the place to be! This event is the longest-standing emerging designer competition in St. Louis, and this year it will give one winner $15,000.

This year’s competition features designers from the Midwest and beyond: Andrew Clancy (Nashville, TN), Marcel Coleman Jr. (Saint Louis, MO), Richard Cotto (Saint Louis, MO), Laila Fattal (Brooklyn, NY), Morgan Mason (Saint Louis, MO), and Wiki Wang (Saint Louis, MO).

In anticipation for the event, I chatted with Andrew Clancy of the line Any Old Iron to find out a bit more of what attendees can expect.

What’s behind the name Any Old Iron?

Any Old Iron derives from what scrap metal people used to shout of their horse-and-cart to attract business. It’s a business my family started in 1873 and still runs today. I left the business to pursue a life in fashion. It’s all an old English music hall song from the early 1900’s about looking dapper.

What piece are you most excited to see go down the runway?

I love everything that shines and glitters, so those pieces primarily, although I have made a see-through suit jacket which I would wear every day!

Describe your collection in five words or less.

Dress like a Rock Star

What will you be wearing to Pins & Needles?

I’ve made more looks than I can show, so it will be one of the outfits that don’t make the cut. You’ll see me coming though for sure.

Well that’s intimidating since I don’t know what to wear… Ha! Tick tock, Julia. Time to pick an outfit!

The event will take place this Thursday, August 11, 2016 at Majorette. Doors open at 6 PM. You can still score tickets here… Or, enter to win two VIP tickets to Pins & Needles on Twitter! Simply reply to this tweet by noon CDT tomorrow for your chance. A winner will be randomly selected tomorrow afternoon. See you at the runway!

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