Prep the closet: Must-haves for weekend autumn layering

While I spent my lunch hour eating in my car, disputing claims with an insurance professional– who I swear was like speaking to a Charlie Brown adult who randomly threw the word “co-pay” into conversation– and generally cursing adulthood obnoxiousness, a great thing happened: a freezing cold breeze slapped me across the face.

Pour yourself a pumpkin spice latte, dolls, because autumn is around the corner.

Adorable prep-blog The College Prep posted about must-have autumn wardrobe staples today. I love her site– mainly because I think we’re about the same age and both stuck in this weird first year of careers– but our styles couldn’t be more different. However, her piece got me thinking about what I need during my favorite season. With tomorrow being Friday, let’s think about casual weekend attire…

Casual Autumn

In the scheme of seasons, fall is so close you can almost grab it and yank it into this calendar week. Obviously I am most excited for boots. I can’t even…

Here’s wishing a cool breeze your way.

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