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Guess what! I have been named an official shortlist Saint Louis Fashion Blog Awards nominee! Thank you for your support and nominations– I’m rosy in the cheeks, I’m so flattered. After a year of blogging, I’m still surprised anyone besides my boyfriend (Hi, Lance) and mother (Hi, Mom) read this. So thank you. I appreciate it. I hope it is at least a teensy bit as fun for you as it is for me.

Speaking of fun, or rather funny, I yelled “FLUCK” across a crowded dental office today. I wasn’t trying to say “FLUCK,” but my mouth was numb all over– except that part he hit with the drill. No, I was accidentally using a choice four-letter word because I was, to say the least, surprised, and it came out “FLUCK.” I’m thinking we should make it happen. FLUCK is so fetch. (And now I wait for “Stop trying to make FLUCK happen, it’s not going to happen.”)

Sorry… Rambling… Sometimes, after a long day, a minor Mean Girls reference is needed. Now back to business.


I’m nominated in two categories: Best Written Fashion Blog and Best Budget Fashion Blog. If you agree, please VOTE HERE for the People’s Choice STLFBA categories.

Voting takes place through September 13 and you can vote every day. If you’re looking for a sure-to-be-great party after, check out the STLFBA event! Details on the voting page. And don’t forget that handfuls of other spectacular St. Louis fashion blogs are nominated in a multitude of categories– make sure to find your next favorite there.

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