Saturday notes

  • I forgot to mention my weekly shameless self-promotion. Ha! But no seriously, I’m very proud of what we ran this week. My piece on summer clothes that wear nicely in fall actually has me searching for shorts to specifically wear with tights, and the piece on Birchbox talked me into a subscription. I also totally forgot about the Emmys… as in forgot it existed at all… Thankfully our section has a great red carpet fashion recap available.

  • I will soon go suit shopping with a man for the first time in my life, which will undoubtedly be interesting. We’re going to check out some high-end sales, like at Nordstrom’s Rack… We probably should have done this when we still had time to find a tailor. Wish us luck.
  • Ballet today. I can’t even… This is going to be questionable. At least I get diner breakfast after with the lovely Sara! Clearly we’re doing this for the fitness.


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