Ta Ta, Oil! | Shine Control Primer

Anyone else see that face wash commercial where the girl takes her smartphone away from her face, only for everyone to freak out over how shiny and gross it is? Was I the only person who initially thought, That doesn’t happen to everyone?! It is icky, but for some of us, shiny and oily skin is the norm. Whatever, word on the street is it will decrease wrinkles. Or maybe that’s the lie they give us so we stop wondering why no one else is twenty types of shiny in photos. Only time will tell, I guess.

Put down the oil blotting papers for a moment, ladies, and try one of my favorite oil-control products. These primers will keep you shine-free, and your phone slightly less gross.

Shine Be Gone!

Good: NYX | Better: bareMinerals | Best: OC8

Will anything fix the shine all together? Doubtful. Will these products help? Most certainly. The OC8 product truly kept my face matte for a solid workday. The bareMinerals product isn’t too expensive, and keeps everything shine free for most of the day. Readily available and affordable, the NYX product requires more touch-ups throughout the day, but if you’re looking to save on purchase price and shipping (ahem, it’s at Target), it is your best bet.

Now, my primer supply is running low… Which one should I purchase again? Decisions, decisions…

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