Too Bold To Miss | Two-Day MINT by Diarra Bousso Sale

Let’s talk about pattern. And color. And sales.

Got your attention yet?

I was recently approached by the ready-to-wear line MINT by Diarra Bousso, which is currently having a budgeter’s dream of a sale: The already-affordable items are listed for up to 45% off at online shop Modnique.



What is MINT, you ask? Other than a tasty thing I eat like it’s candy (side note, I seriously eat mints like they’re M&Ms and I don’t care if that’s weird) and/or a color that looks great on almost everything, MINT is a line by fashion designer Diarra Bousso of the luxury brand db. According to her website, Diarra has lived in Senegal, Norway, Minnesota and New York, which helps to explain how she created this perfect balancing act of a collection. MINT is wallet-friendly and fun, as it combines clean lines and bold shapes with bright color and fantastic tribal-inspired pattern.

FLASH SALE: Mint by Diarra Bousso

Aren’t those fantastic? I could see myself wearing those dresses to brunch, to work, and out on the weekends… And can you imagine that cropped vest with skinny jeans and boots? Clean lines make even the boldest patterns appropriate for any occasion. I’m swooning.

If you’re also in love with one of the above items (which, wait for it, are on sale) check out the two-day sale HERE as soon as you can, as it ends tomorrow, October 10. If you want to see more, or if read this post a little late and miss the sale, check out the full collection at the MINT section of the Dakar Boutique website. It’s a technicolor explosion; I think I’m in love.

*Through MINT’s blogger program, I was invited to share this sale with you.

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