Project: Design! worth the panic attack it took to find parking

I spent last Wednesday in traffic, mid-panic attack, freaking out about parking, because I had to drive downtown. (Insert frightened scream here.) Thankfully, the fashion show I was about to attend was at Windows on Washington, a venue directly across the street from where Lance worked when we shared a car, meaning it was one of the, I don’t know, only part of downtown I vaguely understand.

It takes something pretty rad to make screaming to myself about one-way streets worth while, but I’d say Project: Design! was good enough I could have even handled–wait for it– parallel parking. I know.

Onto the show. It’s funny, but I’ve actually covered Project: Design! for three publications– my first college’s newspaper, my second college’s newspaper and my blog. Each year, I love it a little bit more. Project: Design! is a Saint Louis Fashion Week fashion competition for emerging designers, with a prize package worth writing home about. Us lucky viewers watch in awe as the finalists present their best looks, and a winner is decided upon shortly after.

This year, the Miita Collection took home the grand prize after showing a line of clean lines, light colors, and, believe it or not, sequins.

Project Design_Runway_Miita_Schwigen-8273
Photo via Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine

Clearly the sequins weren’t my favorite part. I like a good sparkle, don’t misunderstand, but it was the sharp simplicity of Miita that I enjoyed, as seen in the dress above. Congratulations, ladies! It was a pleasure watching your pieces strut down the runway.

Project Design_Runway_Abaya_Schwigen-7483
Photo via Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine

On a completely different spectrum of style, the collection by Abaya Dake left me loopy, and wondering how many things I could pawn off in the apartment before Lance would notice so I could afford a piece. I simply must, must, must have one of these dresses. Do you accept Kidrobot figurines and retro chairs as currency? What about baked goods? Bad jokes? Monopoly money? The whole damn Monopoly board?

Because of his print-mixing style and phenomenal fit, Abaya took home the People’s Choice award, as well as my vote for best in show. Don’t let it go to your head, though, Abaya– I need you to stay grounded enough to give me a sweet deal on one of those frocks. Sound like a plan?

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