You don’t know you need the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool, but you do

I am currently up to my eyelashes in new cosmetic products and beauty samples… And it is divine. If you don’t care about makeup and the like you might want to tune out for a few posts, because I’m feeling cosmetically inspired and that means it’s being written about here.

Problem: I’m terrible at applying a thin line of eyeliner, but I still want the lash-enhancing look.

Solution: This weird looking mini-pitchfork by Too Faced, which is sort of the best name for a pitchfork inspired cosmetic.


Despite its horrifying application tool, the 3-Way Lash Lining Tool is soft and easy to apply. The tip is like a fat Crayola marker with slits while maintaining an even product distribution throughout each of the three felt-like prongs.

The point of this weird little gizmo is to accomplish three tasks: eyelining, tightlining and dotting. I’m not a fan of tightlining, so I use the tool for dotting above/near the top of the lash line and general eyelining. The dotting is simple, with an amazing result– gently dab the tool, then move, then dab, then move… Each time you get three teeny dots that look much more like a full lash line than normal eyeliner. And it is so much harder to mess up.

Feeling lost? Imagine eyeliner made out of semi-loose pointillism.

Looking for a cat eye style? Keep the lines horizontal and drag it across the eyelid. Then, toward the edge, start to rotate your hand while you drag. The dots become vertical and the incline from a skinny to fat line is flawless.


This product is available at Sephora, which is also who owns that stock image. I feel obligated to say go buy it there, also because they just sent me my birthday freebie coupon and it, too, was sweet.

It’s damn near impossible to screw this eyeliner up, and that’s coming from the girl who is normally a few espresso shots in while trying to apply makeup. Trust me– you need it. You’re welcome in advance.

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