Cardigans + shift dresses saved my Tuesday

Cardigans and shift dresses may or may not have saved my day. Cardigans and shift dresses and my amazing boyfriend and adorable pets and glorious, glorious coffee… But we’ll focus on cardigans and shift dresses.


In case you didn’t see on Instagram, I was really, really awake this morning… and then really, really tired. Lance made the espresso– thanks again, handsome, for my sleepy crankiness knows no bounds and that espresso saved the day– and I used it in a vanilla chai + white chocolate + pumpkin latte. Yeah. It was awesome. And it made me crash something like an hour and a half later. Bummer.

Regardless, today started great and picked back up after the crash wore off, and part of that was due to my outfit. I felt good about my look and incredibly comfortable– it’s amazing how a no-fuss look can make the day function better.

A properly fitted shift dress with a long, loose cardigan plus a thick belt, a heel and some great accessories makes an easy outfit appropriate for work with a (much) more comfortable feel than even the best of blazers.

Sweater and a Shift

Isn’t it a great look? And all those items are from TopShop. I’ve yet to place an order, but I’ve filled that online shopping cart up more times than I can remember. There are so many amazing options… Le sigh.

The whole peplum look doesn’t work for me. I’m sure somewhere there’s a top with an added swim skirt (be honest, peplum looks like swim skirts… think back to childhood, you know I’m right) that would look good on me, but overall I feel it’s a style made for the petite ladies who’d like some additional hip accentuation. Mine came in fine and we’re like bffs, so covering them with a pleater flap à la peplum looks… odd. Instead, a belted cardigan gives just a hint at the terribly trendy peplum look without the “I should be smaller to pull this off” after effect.

If I don’t want to be that sleepy tomorrow I ought to go to bed. Here’s hoping tomorrow doesn’t require so many trips to my work bud Mr. Coffee.

PS: Did anyone else have to look up “peplum” in an online dictionary to hear it said aloud properly? Pep-lum? Peeee-plum? Don’t pretend like you just knew the first time you read it; it’s a silly word.

PS again: Seriously, you all just knew how to say it, didn’t you? Damn it. Pronunciation, 1, Julia, 0.


  1. March 13, 2013 / 6:12 am

    I only knew how to say it because I heard it out loud before I saw it… I’m not sure about the whole peplum thing. I think I’m with you, that somewhere out there is a beautiful garment that I’m missing out on, but for the moment I’m sticking without extra hip flooff.

  2. March 18, 2013 / 7:01 am

    Right?? I’m glad someone else isn’t on board. Unless you’re heroin chic model thin, you probably have enough hip to go without. But we’ll see… maybe there is a proper peplum to be found. (Cough, doubtful, cough.)

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