Unnecessary Things I Totally Need

Holiday deadlines and social commitments have me frazzled enough that I almost cried to a coffee pot because I thought it was taking too long to brew. (Not my loveliest  moment, but hilarious in hindsight.) Because shopping fixes everything—excluding any budget-related panic, obviously—I’ve rounded up my current favorite things I totally must own but can’t justify buying.

For The Girl Who Has Everything...
For The Girl Who Has Everything… by ohjuliaann

The Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank ($20, ThinkGeek) puts me into hysterics. It meows and steals your coins, because putting money one coin at a time into a bank is totally practical.

Because I obviously don’t have enough little things floating around my house…the Macaron Box ($10, Urban Outfitters) is small, breakable, painfully cute and fairly useless.

Bath toys were cool and you know it. By that logic, I must, simply must, own the Jellyfish Floating Bath Light ($12, Urban Outfitters) if for no other reason than to see it in action.

I’m fully aware that you’re supposed to outgrow Disney in the period between childhood and having your own children, but I think that’s a stupid idea. The Walt Disney World Davis Tassle Dooney & Bourke Bag in ‘Retro’ ($285, Disney Store) is happy-go-lucky and only a little suburban mom-ish.

So what if I kill plants? After the plant part is dead, I still have a Hello Kitty planter. I seriously need the Hello Kitty Chia Pet ($14, Amazon), and not just because chia keeps showing up in hipster food.

Stress shopping is the best shopping. Happy Sunday.

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