Weekend Casual

Some days are for pretty dresses and strappy heels, and some days are for ponytails and sneakers.

I started styling this look from the ground up, as I was gifted these Cougar waterproof slip-on sneakers and couldn’t wait to wear them. They’re all the things I like about booties, but appropriate for summer and they won’t let my socks get wet. I’m hoping to spend more of my weekends working on our house and garden (homeowner fun! wooo!) so outfits like this may be my new Friday and Saturday go-to.

Currently wearing… Jeans c/o Express [HERE] | Freddy sneakers c/o Cougar [HERE] | Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip Purse, Nordstrom Rack | Tank, Old Navy | STL hat c/o Arch Apparel [HERE] | Plaid shirt, American Eagle

Pattern mixing for the win!

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