Weekend Favorites.

Can you believe it’s going to be Monday? I’m not sure where the weekend went. Let’s recap the favorites. It’ll make me feel like I accomplished more.

Sales at Ann Taylor LOFT. 40% off the entire store? Including sale items? There will be a post about my spectacular new shift dress (sneak peek on my Instagram feed…!) coming soon. Building a work wardrobe at discount prices is perfect, in the most professional of ways.

Fruit-flavored margaritas. Frozen (or on the rocks, also tasty) in blackberry, strawberry or peach, please. One of these on Fridays helps the workweek stress seem a little less… heavy. Arguably the most appropriate drink of the season.

Margarita Instagram
Blackberry Margarita | Instagram

Brisk Spring Weather. Part of today’s afternoon was spent window shopping and sipping coffee with my dear friend Sara while we wandered the Delmar Loop. Mid-50s with a jacket is delightful, and since it will be 100+ degrees before we know it, I’m savoring this weather as long as I can.

Home Goods. Because somehow, our trashcan was broken, and Home Goods has amazing prices. Need I say more?

Phone stands. This one is silly, but I have always wanted a dock for my smartphone and it drives me insane that most require you to take the case of the phone. We have cement floors and pets– I cannot take the case of the phone. During STLFW, Best Transportation provided all the bloggers with one of these addictive smartphone stands; it sticks to the textured rubber and can even stay there with the charger in. I bring it to work most days– it is so nice to have the phone, display-up, next to the computer while I work. Beside the phone stand, Best Transportation also provided my first limo bus experience during the STLFW blogger’s weekend. Thanks all around!

Phone stand gift from Best Transportation
Phone stand gift from Best Transportation

Canopi. It’s kind of like Pinterest, only aimed specifically at blogs. I was introduced to this company during STLFW– it’s a website for bloggers or blog readers to share and find content, simple as that. With popular posts on the main feed and customized lists to find new content, anyone who like a specific type of blog (i.e. fashion, food, design) or wants to easily follow multiple blogs should give this website a go.

Cat Birthdays. Yogurt turned three this weekend! He was given a cat playhouse and a bowl of human-grade tuna. In return, he was forced to wear a party hat long enough to take a picture. Sounds like a great birthday to me. He looks thrilled, I know.

Cat Birthday Instagram
Happy birthday, Yogurt! (Yogurt may hate birthdays.) | Instagram

Domestic Vixen. Another STLFW gifted fav, these adorable earrings were cute in March but are perfect in April (and I’m guessing they’ll be spectacular in May.) They’re fabric-covered studs, reminiscent of upholstery buttons. I think they’re just as darling as the name ‘Domestic Vixen.’

Studs by Domestic Vixen | Instagram
Studs by Domestic Vixen | Instagram

Butter Pecan Latte. I. Can’t. Even. Explain. Just go try it. (But realize going in the Dunkin’ Donuts ‘large’ is so terribly large. Plan to share if you buy that size.)

Dunkin Donuts Instagram
Butter Pecan Latte | Instagram

Here’s looking at you, Monday!

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