The last bits of boot weather: Brisk spring day + Luichiny

My Luichiny boots– a generous STLFW gift– have finally found their springtime home. After much deliberation about the proper way to style over-the-knee boots, I figured it out by shopping my own closet… And even found a look appropriate for April.

I may or may not have mentioned that boots are my favorite type of footwear, and these over-the-knee beauties were new territory for me. These chilly spring days are still boot-appropriate weather, but even I must admit lighter fabrics and pops of color are a must to stay seasonally appropriate. As happy as I could be wearing plums and grays and evergreens all year, I know it’s time for cream and coral and pink.



Boots, Luchiny | Blouse, The Limited | Skinny Jeans, American Eagle | Tank, Victoria’s Secret PINK | Earrings, vintage | Cuff, vintage | Bracelet, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs | Watch, Anne Klein | Purse, Coach

By pairing these Luchiny boots with an otherwise simple outfit, they stay the center of attention; simultaneously, the beachy vibe of the loose cream blouse and punch of bright pink make the tall leather work even days before the start of May.

Thinking about over-the-knee boots? I was surprised by the comfort, even around the knees. While you can feel that your boot goes above your legs’ hinges, and it is a bit harder to fluidly move at first, they don’t impair walking the way I initially assumed. But let’s be honest– even if they did, I’d wear them anyway. Oh, the things we’d do for love…

What are you wearing during these chilly parts of spring?


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