13 Disney Items Your Closet Needs (Plus WDW Park Updates, New Movies + More)

Truth time: Things have been intense lately. From the shock of an unexpected layoff to the exciting fear of a sudden career change to the general stress of my semi-annual post-cancer checkups, I’ve been feeling extra anxious. And when I feel anxious, at age seven or twenty-seven, I turn to Disney.

Whether it’s coffee in my Alice in Wonderland mug or watching The Bare Necessities on YouTube, I am 100% guilty of Disney de-stressing – and the success rate is unprecedented! However, this isn’t quite enough this time, as I am also suffering from minor theme park withdrawal. It has been a year since our stormy honeymoon and the whole suddenly-laid-off thing doesn’t come with enough of a vaca budget to do all the Disney bells and whistles in the foreseeable future. Until that changes, I guess I’ll have to get my daily dose of Disney through apparel and accessories. And lucky for me, there are some amazing options available right now that are perfect for the job.

Want to add some Disney magic to your closet for fall? Here’s what you need…

Jasmine-Approved Jewels

Okay, these don’t have anything to do with Jasmine except her name starts with J and so does “jewels” BUT she rocked a rad crop top and some amazing accessories, so you know she’d appreciate these on-trend items.

BoxLunch, $22.90

Disney, $27.99 (five randomly selected pins)

Disney Tees with Edge

Looks like a band tee, but with all the fun of a Disney movie? HOW DON’T I ALREADY OWN THESE?

Hot Topic, $16.72 (on sale)

Mighty Fine x Disney, $26.95

Design-Focused Disney Bags

These bags aren’t your basic Disney totes! (Which I also do like, because #NerdLevel100.) If you’re a handbag aficionado, you’ll love this group of must-have bags.

Loungefly, $60

Kate Spade, $258

Vera Bradley x Disney, $90

Kate Spade, $178

Vintage-Inspired Outerwear

Because fall means cooler weather, and coats don’t have to be boring.

BoxLunch, $79.90

Disney, $42.99

Cozy Princess-Ready PJs

These ones have villains, which is so Halloween perfect I kinda of can’t even. Bonus points if you’re going Disney for Halloween this year! You know we are, and I can’t wait to share.

Munki Munki x Disney, $89.95

Hats for IRL Hair

I love those princesses, but the unrealistic hair expectations are no joke. Ha! Hats forever.

Disney, $29.99

BoxLunch, $18.90

While we’re on the topic of Disney, there have been some pretty insane updates coming from them lately! A few of my favorites include…

COCO | This new movie from Disney•Pixar looks visually stunning and incredibly charming. Have you seen the trailer yet? COCO will be in theaters on November 22nd.

THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE | Well, the fact that it closed isn’t a favorite, but I am really excited to see the first-ever Mickey ride. I adored The Great Movie Ride, and it’ll now move to the part of my brain that houses Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, the original Journey Into Imagination and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. Farewell, Great Movie Ride! It was swell!

FORCE FRIDAY II | Tomorrow kicks off the new Star Wars virtual reality scavenger hunt! In celebration of the worldwide launch Star Wars: The Last Jedi products, this Find the Force event lets Star Wars fans find characters using their phones. Learn how it works here.

See? I’m feeling a little better already. Apparently I just needed some pixie dust and a dork-out moment to lower my stress. Oh, and maybe cocoa out of a Mickey mug. Maybe.

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