3 Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt Dress: Unbuttoned over a Dress

If you ditch the ‘dress’ part of a shirt dress, does it make it simply a shirt? Or does it qualify as a duster because of the length?

Dusters have such a bad name. Or maybe that’s just in my head. And god, a denim duster sounds even worse – like maybe it’s the cowboy love child of Britney and Justin’s legendary denim explosion. When I hear the term, all I can picture is Mac and Dennis from It’s Always Sunny and Mac’s signature black leather duster. That whole bit was so funny. I like things that are funny. Should my outfits be funny? Am I overthinking clothing terms and having an apparel-induced existential crisis?

Whatever we’re calling it, I really like how this Madewell Denim Tie Neck Shirtdress at Nordstrom — yes, that same one I styled a different way yesterday! — looks when left unbuttoned and layered over another dress. 

Currently wearing… Madewell Denim Tie Neck Shirtdress, Nordstrom [HERE] | Shifting Sides Suede Dress c/o Tobi [HERE] | Beanie c/o Free People | Harding Booties c/o Naturalizer [HERE on sale!] | Soho Clutch c/o Collections by Joya [HERE] | Moto jacket, Express [HERE]

I layered this denim shirt dress over a caramel suede shift dress and under a black moto jacket. The shift dress, from Tobi, is perfect for winter… except it is backless, which is obviously freezing. These new layers made it fairly toasty despite it being 20 degrees and windy while we were out.

For accessories I added my favorite Free People beanie, a bandana, Naturalizer ankle booties, and – since everything else was all about the texture, but not the pattern – a Collections by Joya patterned clutch. The finished look is busy, sure, and maybe a little loud, but primarily neutral – and that’s why it works. (Or why I think it works, anyway. You might think it’s awful, but you’re visiting my website and I yawn just thinking about the concept of minimalist fashion so I don’t know what to tell anyone afraid of a little clothing chaos.)

So, let’s recap. This dress… ✓ Adds warmth ✓ Looks cute ✓ Is comfortable ✓ Can be worn at least two ways. Are you starting to see why I’m so obsessed with it? Come back tomorrow to see the third look featuring this Madewell frock. DENIM FOREVER!

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