“I’m not bad…” – Halloween on Delmar

Sometimes I should listen to Lance. Sometimes. He can be right every once in a while. I might be wrong occasionally. He may or may not know what’s best with certain things. Sigh. As much as I didn’t want to go out on Halloween (a common desire of a post-work Julia), Lance reminded me that I’d kick myself later if we didn’t and he was… right. I am glad we went out. You win this time, Lance. This one time. *wink*

(Note: In real life I can’t actually wink. At least not gracefully. I can kind of close just my right eye but it makes my mouth bunch up in the sides. I have no ‘sexy wink’ ability, so I pretend wink online. Sad, I know.)


We spent our Halloween at The Pageant (a popular venue/bar/music hall, for those not from St. Louis), watching The Dropkick Murphys, drinking fountain pop. Considering the scandalous personas were were dressed up as (Eddie Valiant is a raging alcoholic and Jessica Rabbit is… well… Jessica Rabbit) it was a very demure evening.

Side note, there is like no part of that movie made for kids. But I loved it as a kid. It’s just funnier as an adult. Patty-cake? C’mon.

While the band was good, I’d argue that they weren’t $30 good. We didn’t mind (er, hate… We kind of minded…) the ticket price because it was Halloween and the atmosphere and crowd made up for it, but any other day that would have been laughable if for no other reason than the fact that we spent a lot of the show with our eyes closed. Dropkick, for the love of all that is good, keep the lights pointed down at you, not at the crowd! While there are times to shine the lights on the audience, those times are not every 20 seconds during any fast song. The only accomplishment it had was more light to show off my wonderful costume in and, let’s be real here, people paid $30 to see you not me. Just some food for thought.

Speaking of seeing me, Lance and I managed to make dumb faces in the multiple photos drunks wanted with us. Awesome. We weren’t trying to be rude, per say, but when the drunkest guy in the lounge comes yelling “I n-need a pick-thure with the mob people!” and points at us, what else are we supposed to do?

Really, though, we had a ton of fun. Dropkick covered The Misfits’ “Halloween”, which was a fitting way to wrap up the evening. We even ran into a friend of mine from high school. And it was another excuse to wear the costumes we adore.

Highlight of the night: “That’s my brother’s chair!” – The Door Guy


Yesterday we went to Target and I drug Lance into the Halloween clearance area in search of the skeleton arm salad serving set (sold out) and the disgruntled owl cookie jar (available and half price!), and somehow we ended up leaving with sale candy and discounted jack-o-lantern paper towels.

I’m going to put the candy in the cookie jar because that owl looks like he’s judging you, and I could use someone like that in my kitchen. Hoot, you’re an adult and can’t have candy for dinner, hoot. Stop eating Rolos, hoot. Hoot, do you really need another Reece’s, hoot?

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