Shameless self-promotion.

The section is in print next week. And I’m having a dinner party next week. And the apartment needs to be clean before next week. And I have to give an oral report next week. And I’m at work and need to do inventory right now.

Can you sense my panic?

Thankfully, these upcoming events (sans the oral report) are things that I love. I love my section, I love throwing parties, I love my job. I think the next week might be full of stressed out/what was I thinking?/I have to speak in public?/we don’t have enough chairs for everyone! posts. Crap. That reminds me I still haven’t figured out this chair problem. As of now, I’m short two dining room chairs. I ought to figure that one out quickly in case I need to make a Salvation Army run.

On a happy note, here is a little shameless self-promotion. For the section this week I wrote a piece on surviving odd autumn weather. Here in the Midwest, seasons are always off-track; I’ve seen tornados in the winter and almost 90-degree temperatures in October. Now there’s some logic for ya. Whether it’s wind, rain or coldness that’s messing with your look, check out my article here in the University News fashion section to get tips to combat fall fashion mishaps.

Time to do inventory (wah), then an extra-long break before our section meeting. I ought to find more caffeine between then and now. Onward, Julia!

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