5 Sale Blouses for Summer AND Fall

All hail online shopping, the digital sanctuary we can all relax at without putting on a bra. You can make or break work weeks like this — not a bad one for me, but intense — with online shopping: too little, and you’re losing your mind over the lack of calm, but too much and you’re about to be in a whole new shit storm. It really takes an expert hand. Not to brag, but I’m great at it.

Don’t worry, we all have our skills.

I’ve been chilling the hell out by picturing cooler weather and scrolling through virtual sale racks. I’m mid-blouse addition (thanks, denim-friendly office) and was stoked to find five clearanced tops that will work in both summer and fall.


Easy Girl Printed Top, Free People, $29.95


Sleeveless Embroidered Bib Top, Banana Republic, $68.99


Kay Peasant Top, Anthropologie, $49.95


Chambray Raglan Shirt, Madewell, $49.99


Soft Plaid Boyfriend Shirt, Gap, $34.97

Any guess as to which one I ordered? Anyone else also proud I only ordered one?

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