A good suit, a firm handshake

During this weird limbo of post-grad/pre-career I think it’s important that I stay entirely focused on the current goal: find a job.

With my notebook full of article ideas, polished resume and freshly-tailored suit, I believe I have most the supplies to gain employment. But, as I remembered this morning, that isn’t all.

I started reading informative articles in the “Interview” section of the Levo League’s website. Unfamiliar with the name? According to their “About” page, “Levo League is your career cockpit for the first phase of your professional journey.” Sounds helpful, no?

Maybe it’s the clean website layout or perhaps the readable tone of voice, but I actually enjoyed reading up on interview tricks and preparation through this website. My favorite article– and the one I found most helpful– was the “Interview Checklist: Ten Simple and Sweet Tips to Remember” by Sarah Mitus. The checklist was, as it says, simple and sweet, and a list of possible interview questions was included at the bottom.

While I might have looked slightly crazy talking to myself, alone, in my kitchen, I feel well versed now that I’ve vocally explained why I would be a good fit for XYZ job. I always used to advise my writers or tutees, depending on the job, to read their work aloud. Why didn’t I follow my own advice with interview answers?

The Classic Suit


At some point today I must run out and pick up a forgotten job-finding tool: resume paper. Everything thus far has been digital, and I completely forgot you need special paper when things leave the virtual realm.

Fellow job seekers, un-employees and recent graduates: we will prevail! The jobs are just a great suit, fancy paper and firm handshake away. (Or so I keep telling myself.)


    • January 23, 2013 / 3:34 pm

      Thank you! I always love a pop of red. Isn’t it a great color to throw in?

      • January 23, 2013 / 3:35 pm

        Oh yes! If you get a chance, check out my latest post. I went red all over the place.

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