A Necklace State of Mind

When I was a young reporter, I interviewed a famous wedding dress designer over the phone. While I don’t remember much of what he said of lace and tulle, I do remember his opinion on corn.

“Where are you from originally?” I asked.
“Oh, a small town in Illinois,” he said.
“Where in Illinois?”
“Just a little town in central Illinois.”
“But where in central Illinois. Specifically.”
“Teeny place south of Peoria, north of Springfield.”
“But where?”

Turns out, he was from 25 miles away from my hometown. We shared an area code. Small world, I thought. The conversation shifted from bridal bliss to scenic drives through Illinois farmland. He talked about his New York friends not thinking there could be any beauty in such a flat, boring place. He said he always liked the corn.

“Me too!”

oh julia ann - hazel2blue - st louis alton outfit - cut off shorts (6)

I’ve been obsessed with this petite Missouri necklace since it was gifted to me by local shop hazel2blue. I often pair it with my childhood Illinois necklace to keep all my favorite places close by: my first home and my new home. Midwestern through and through.

Looking for a state necklace all your own? Here are a few more of my favorite options.


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‘State’ your favorite in the comments.

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