Big Sweater Energy

I have this winter fantasy where I spent the entire cold season wearing an oversized pullover and those perfect black leggings with the cellphone thigh pocket that don’t pick up pet hair and slim out the gingerbread baby I’ve been growing in my midsection since Christmas. I’m in my house in this dream, obviously, and my sleep schedule is finally normal and my electric blanket is always the perfect temperature and the cat wants to cuddle on my terms without blocking my phone screen with his tail.

Honestly, that last bit might be the most unrealistic part of the whole thing.

Despite my best efforts, it is required to go out during the winter. Sure, I work from home, so I don’t have to dress up for that, but there’s errands and dinners with friends and—according to my husband, but I don’t totally believe him—some basic need to see daylight or something. Ugh. Whatever.

If you swap the black leggings for black tights and a mini skirt, it’s almost the same thing. Right?

Apparently this Midwestern cold weather is about to get worse, so I might actually get to live my leggings-sweater-house dream this week. I’ll keep you posted.

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