Cat-Approved Fashion: Halloween Edition

I’ve never understood the anti-costume people. On a fundamental level, I find it confusing. Who doesn’t love a good costume? I adore dressing up so much I tend to find excuses to wear two costumes. Last year I was Daphne and Tweedle Dee. The year before I was a pirate and Wilma Flintsone. And this year, I’m a cat and Captain Hook. One costume is never enough!

Currently wearing… Sweater, Urban Outfitters [SIMILAR] | Tights [SIMILAR] | Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip Crossbody, Nordstrom Rack [HERE] | Skirt c/o Express [SIMILAR] | Boots, Naturalizer [SIMIILAR] | Button-up c/o Normal Brand [HERE]

Halloween foreveeerrrrrr!

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