Color, Pattern, Music, Go!

Maybe it’s because it was so cold today, my car almost didn’t start.
Perhaps it’s because the winter clouds are keeping the teeny bit of natural light I can enjoy in my office hidden.
It could be because it’s dark when I wake up and dark when I get home from work.
Or maybe it’s because my body is slowly rejecting all the neutrals I love, love, love wearing.

Whatever the reason (it’s probably the last one, honestly) I’ve been feeling a serious color void in my life. Seemed like as good a time as any to dig through the clothing and accessories I pretty much abandoned at nineteen. Bring on the color!

Currently Wearing… Sweater, H&M [SIMILAR ] | Necklaces, Betsey Johnson & Tarina Tarantino [SIMILAR & SIMILAR] | Headphones, gift [SIMILAR]
Why did I stop wearing checkerboard? Or layering gaudy necklaces? Or being open about the fact that I’m one of those obnoxious grown women who loves Hello Kitty? MY NAME IS JULIA AND I REFUSE TO WEAR BORING ADULT CLOTHES ALL THE DAMN TIME. There. I said it. Now, let’s have some fun.

Like something? Sweater | Necklace | Headphones | Sweater | Necklace | Headphones // Graphic: COLOR SCREAMING. by ohjuliaann

At least tomorrow is casual Friday.

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