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Let’s talk earrings. I have recently realized exactly how many pairs I have, due to this obnoxious urge to clean our closet; and very few, if any, pairs were worth writing home about. Getting my ears pierced was one of my first major fashion decisions, and over the years my rad-tastic pairs were replaced with the basic, the boring, and the bland. Damn it, when I worked up the courage to stop sobbing and let that mall employee stab my other ear in 1996, I did NOT do it to wear boring earrings.

•Problem One: I lose a single earring. ALL. THE. TIME.
•Problem Two: I buy incredibly cheap jewelry and everything breaks. And then I keep it, as if I will fix it.
•Problem Three: I buy ‘practical’ earrings, and end up bored.

•Solution One: Act your age, Julia, and pick things up the exact second you drop them.
•Solution Two: Buy less. Get better product. Stop pretending you’re going to solder things back together. You’re not.
•Solution Three: Okay, you jumped too far with the age thing. Replace practical with exciting.

Like an answer to all my weird earring issues, these beauties appeared in my mailbox the other day. And I am obsessed.


I mentioned I’ve been feeling ultra color-deprived as of late. Nothing like a pair of peacock-hued chandelier earrings to brighten up a winter look, right? Shame these beauties might be a little too much of a statement to wear in the office… OH WAIT. THEY ARE CONVERTIBLE.

You guys, my mind is blown… Wait, am I the only one who didn’t know this was a thing?

So here’s the deal: Stella & Dot Independent Stylist and all-around awesome gal Kristin McCaw recently sent me a pair of the brand’s Peacock Chandeliers, and they’ve practically lived in my ears since. They were perfect while shopping, at lunch, at the ballet… And they were grabbing attention the whole time. I kind of think I’m crushing on them, honestly; my hair is in a sloppy-Sunday ponytail, and I’m tempted to put them back in just because. With a pull at the correct angle, the bottom half of the earring disconnects, leaving you with nickel-sized studs; just as easily, they go back to full-on statement pieces. When worn in full, these earrings are smidge on the heavy side (a trait I prefer), but I kept them in for a solid 12 hours without a single pinch or twinge. And despite their length and detail,  for whatever magical reason, these earrings didn’t get tangled in my hair.

Miracle earrings, you say? I’m not making any promises, but yeah, they’re pretty much miracle earrings.

Currently Wearing… Peplum top, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target [SIMILAR] | Circle Skirt, Leith ‘Town’ Pleated Skirt [HERE in another color] | Clutch, Target [SIMILAR] | Booties, Madden Girl [SIMILAR] | Earrings, Stella & Dot ‘Peacock Chandeliers’ c/o Stella & Dot Independent Stylist Kristin McCaw [HERE]
Hello, darling Peacocks.

Oh, screw it. I’m putting them back on. They are  just callin’ my name.  And would you look at that? They even class up loungewear. I’m telling you: miracle earrings.

Love them? Keep an eye on the blog… Things are about to get very exciting, very soon. 


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