Cricut Crafting | DIY Faux Leather Flower Statement Necklace

I was perusing the Nordstrom jewelry section to look at things I cannot afford – ya know, like you do – when I noticed this Marni leather statement necklace. I really liked the general shape and idea, but was obviously appalled by the price; it was, if I recall, more than $500, but I can’t actually verify that as IT SOMEHOW SOLD OUT.

I found myself hung up on this sold-out necklace. I’m not against designer goods, as you can tell from this site, but a $500 leather necklace seemed so incredibly… I don’t know, insane? So I looked up the brand, as I wasn’t familiar with it, and it is full of insanely expensive leather necklaces. This made me more obsessed. And eventually, after starring at them long enough, I decided to make my own version.


  • Cricut cutting machine + Cricut mat
  • Faux leather sheets
  • 2 jump rings
  • Chain
  • Leather cord
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scissors


1 hour


First, I grabbed three floral shapes from Canva’s free library and uploaded them to my Cricut gallery. (If you’d like to do the same, right click these and select Open Image In New Tab, then save and upload to Cricut.)

Then I cut them each on four different colors of Cricut faux leather. For half of the flower shapes I checked the reverse image button to add a little variation.

Next, I placed the shapes into the pattern I was going for to decide on a general template.

After that, I taped my design together using small pieces of painter’s tape. Washi tape or other, easy to peel off  tapes would work too.

This is a good time to try your necklace on and hold it up to a light to look for any spaces you may have missed.

Then I began sewing my design into place, peeling tape back as I went. I decided to add a color and some exaggerated stitches, so I chose an emerald thread.

Once my design was all sewn together, I poked a hole in either end and attached a few inches of chain with a jump ring. Then I looped suede cord through the ends to create the desired length, plus a few extra inches to tie it in a bow.

And voila! That’s it. As you can see, I added a lot of stitches because I like that mixed media look, but if you’d prefer a cleaner finished piece or would like to spend less time the flowers could be glued into place.

I’m thrilled with the finished piece. Unlike most statement necklaces, this is so lightweight and flexible it is really easy to wear.

Oh, and it didn’t cost $500.

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