Crop Top + Bodycon Pencil Skirt

Some outfits have important stories, like ones worn for special occasions. Others hold their worth in emotions, with that great fit or fabric that makes you feel oh-so-good. This outfit is special largely because of how I acquired the items.

Let’s break the outfit down.

TOP | Gordmans is one of the first national brands I began working with on a recurring basis. When we initially collaborated I was absolutely thrilled, since I had shopped at their stores for so long, but when I realized they wanted to continue working with me I was practically ecstatic. As I’ve explained in any of my Gordmans post, they send me a gift card every so often to check out the stores. I bought this top with the few dollars left after a post, as it was clearanced out for merely $1.98.
SHOES | The shoes in this look are from what I would consider my other longest national brand relationship, Soft Surroundings. I adore that it’s headquartered here in S. Louis, and I’m always grateful to work with that stylish and sweet team. (One of these Soft Surroundings marketing experts is consistently in my top five cutest Christmas card roundup.) Working with the women there is sort of like working with really fun pen pals. It’s just an added bonus that their items are so rad.
NECKLACE | The necklace in this look comes from another collaboration I was honored to participate in (twice): T.J. Maxx. Knowing someone sees your work and likes it so much they want it again means even more than that first opportunity.

SKIRT | And the skirt seen in this look is from the weirdest, craziest, most amazing experience I’ve had in my fashion-related career thus far. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may recognize it from my 15 minutes as a runway model with Express and Karlie Kloss. While I was concerned about its tight silhouette when it was assigned to me for the show, the skirt is one of my favorite items in my closet. In my year of owning it, it single-handedly has changed how I feel about my ass.

These items came together so that I would have a fourth outfit for my collaboration with some amazing photographers from my hometown who liked my side enough to want to work together. (The amazing St. Louis Union Station location is the bow on top.) At the risk of sounding sappy, if I ever need a reminder of how lucky I’ve been in my career so far, I think this outfit might be it.

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