DIY Retro Christmas: Vintage Holiday Scene Ornament Tutorial

From the cleans lines of minimalism to the eclectic look of bohemian style, I appreciate a plethora of interior styles. But when it comes to Christmas? Well, there’s one clear winner in the holiday decor department: the whimsical, somewhat creepy world of retro Santa and friends.

In the spirit of vintage Christmas I decided I’d try to DIY a few retro-inspired items to add to my holiday collection this year. When I spotted these shatterproof, ready-to-fill mason jar ornaments on sale at Joann Fabric I knew they’d be a great place to start.

So what’s inside of them? A mix of stickers, artificial snow, vintage-inspired gift tags, festive miniatures, sequins, broken bits of retro ornaments, and embellishments I yanked off old Christmas cards I’d been sent in the past. Pretty much, each ornament is a mix of random crafting crap that was floating around my house held down with hot glue.

Can you tell these are hard to photograph? Ha!

Since they’re shatterproof, and fairly small, these ornaments not only look great on the Christmas tree but used as fun and festive gift toppers. I even have a few hung around the house on things like drawer pulls. Don’t ya jusy w

And they don’t all have to be entirely holiday themed—I made this one with Spider-Man minis for my husband!

Your tree still missing some ornaments? Try these DIY holiday ornaments from last year!

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