Feeling Fashionable and Out of Place in Fishnets

The last time I remember wearing fishnets, they were part of a sexy nurse costume I wore for Halloween when I was 21. To be honest, I assumed that’s where fishnets would live for me in my adult life: Halloween, and Halloween alone. And then they came back in style.

Fishnets under distressed jeans. Fishnets with shorts. Hell, fishnet long-sleeved shirts came back à la my student years I spent working at Hot Topic. Fishnets came back in a big way. They were impossible to miss.

I, a lazy grown woman who loves the control-top aspect of tradition hosiery, planned to skip the trend entirely. But then it didn’t go away. And this site started as a fashion blog. Eventually, it seemed like I had to give it a try. Berkshire was kind enough to send over a pair for me to ease back into the style.

The verdict? About 25% of me felt too old to wear them and 75% of me liked them a lot. (And that 25% needs to re-channel its energy. I’m working on it.) They’re comfortable. They feel a little scandalous. And eventually I can probably use them to make a cool craft project. Adult me is really into multi-function items, ya know?

Now I just have to remember to wear sunscreen. Adult me is also very concerned about weird tan lines.

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