Guest Post: St. Louis Vintage Shopping

Dolls, let me introduce you to the charming and adorable Olivia from A Drop In The Ocean. I love vintage, she loves vintage, and we’re assuming you love vintage. Oh, and did I mention she’s a bargain hunter? I know; she’s perfect.

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Hey ladies,

Don’t you just love a good vintage find? I am so thrilled when I look through the racks until I finally find that golden piece that I know is going to be mine and take me back into decades past! St. Louis is brimming with great vintage stores, and I can’t wait to show you one of my favorite dresses from a local store!

This dress is from my favorite vintage store, Ruth’s Vintage, on Cherokee St. in St. Louis! Although her store isn’t very large, Ruth’s is very well organized and has a great selection of clothes! If you’re in to the store on a day when Ruth is working, you have majorly lucked out. Ruth is the cutest little lady, who, even though she is nearing 90 years old, still insists working in her store. Ask her about anything regarding St. Louis, and she is an absolutely adorable wealth of information.

This dress reminds me a little bit of a school uniform, and I love that kind of preppy, vintage look! The pleating on the skirt portion is adorable, as well as the white collar! Are you as obsessed with the bow on the front of the dress as I am?

When looking for vintage, I think that there are several key pieces of information to remember that I try to keep fresh in my mind. The first thing to remember is that a lot of stores have discount days, meaning that on a specific day of the week, they may offer a discount on their merchandise! Additionally, whenever you’re shopping for vintage, always, always try on the clothes because, as I’m sure you know, vintage sizes are much different than the typical sizes that we are used to now. And finally, be ready to be flexible. I have found countless vintage pieces that I love, yet they have small stains on them, or are a little bit ill-fitting. If you find something that you love, always have a great alteration place that you can go to (or learn how to alter the garment yourself)!

Those are about all of my tips that I try to consider when I go shopping for vintage pieces! If you’re in the St. Louis area, go check out Ruth’s and let me know what you find!

Much love,

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