Happy Boobs

I have worn my new bra for the better part of two weeks, and not once have I come home itching to take it off.

If you are the owner of boobs, you are aware this is a pretty unusual experience. As soon as the gimmick of wearing a bra wears off as a preteen, the discomfort and general boob-related sadness sets in. I didn’t even make it through my first training bra before realizing that this was going to be the downfall of my adult life. (My period started a bit later, which was the true disappointment of my juvenile years. Let’s all take a moment to mourn the loss of that naive time before you knew your sweet lady body would turn on you.)

Now, back to the good news: I have a new bra and I’m not dying to take it off when I get home from work.

My lovely lady lumps need constant support, like needy children or a puppy. And normal bras from a national lingerie chain store that you’re very familiar with, actually leave very little to be a ‘secret.’ Try as I might, they rarely fit correctly. Any of the cute-and-practical ones cut-off halfway through my boob, which is both unflattering and unfortunate.

Then I met Mollie from lingerie and loungewear line peach at the Go Blog Social conference.

Everyday Captivating Bra by peach - Oh Julia Ann (2)

Unlike your run-of-the-mill brassiere, peach bras are created to fit multiple parts of the girls – 10 parts to be exact. And thanks to peach’s 10-point measuring system, my Captivating Everyday bra (c/o) fits every inch of my smokin’-hot tatas. (Too much? Never!)

Everyday Captivating Bra by peach - Oh Julia Ann (1)

I met with my stylist Mollie over the internet, and through video chat I was able to measure myself using a tape measure while watching her measure herself to make sure I did it correctly. The process took maybe 15 minutes. After that, my sizes were inputted into the system – a system that saves your size details for easy reordering – and I selected my new bra.

This is where the peach process gets really interesting: The bra was shipped to my house, and I received three different sizes of the same item. Other peach customers may receive three as well, or perhaps only one or two. This depends on how accurate your sizes match up with a pre-existing size combination. You’re sent multiples if it seems like you ought to try one on to get a proper fit. Afterwards, you can send the extra bra(s) back using the included, prepaid shipping label and the same box.

Everyday Captivating Bra by peach - Oh Julia Ann (3)

I went with the largest of the three, which offers boob room that I simply wasn’t getting at that major chain. The lacy details make it both cute and sexy, and the gray color is chic and light enough to not pop out through clothing.

Happy breasts are best!


Want to have your own “bra-ha” moment? Email Mollie at mollie@stylespies.com. By the way, while the bra was gifted to me, this post and its copy weren’t sponsored. My boobs are really just this stoked.

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